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Sesame Street Poodle by Cat Opson

June 21, 2013

We have been a fan of Cat Opson‘s amazing artwork since we first crossed paths at the Groom & Kennel Expo in Pasadena 2012. Her inspiring ideas, creative touches and detailed work would make anyone come to a full stop and ‘awe’ in pure amazement. She has such passion for creative grooming and if you have seen her work it truly shows.

Recently her artwork, the Sesame Street Poodle (won 1st place at Super Zoo 2012 in Las Vega) was featured in New York Post. In the article, when asked where she got her inspiration for this cute sculpture, she said her inspiration came as a result of “inner turmoil” in the competitive dog-grooming world, and she wanted to send a message to fellow groomers. “I was at a baseball game and saw two kids, who obviously didn’t know each other, playing and so friendly to each other,” Opson told The Post yesterday. “I wanted to remind people that we could live a little more like children and get along.”

To view the rest of the article: Dye is Cast for the Doggie by New York Post

When people show their concern about the dyes, rest assure TCG along with many creative groomers,recommended and use, Avatar and Punky Colour. These are amongst the best semi-permanent dyes available. You will be amazed by the vibrancy of each color and the conditioning benefits they provide.​ Safe for people and pets Avatar and Punky Colour are approved by the ​American Pet Products Association.

Most of these dogs used for creative grooming competition are dogs that are trained and absolutely love being pampered and are often referred to as “divas” because they love the attention so much.  It is so cute to see these primped pups check themselves out in the mirror or how they enjoy all of the attention from the groomer.

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